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Feeding hungry children in Canada
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Become a Child Champion!
Look into the eyes of a child living in poverty and you'll see a child without very basic necessities like food, school supplies and education. Wouldn't changing a life and future of a child be one of the best things you could ever do? That's exactly what happens when you decide to sponsor a child.

Child Champions receive a photograph and details about their sponsored child, as well as information about their child's school or project. Periodically, an updated photo and information will be provided.
Together, we can give children the opportunity to thrive in their families and in their communities. We are changing the world – one child at a time.

Would you help us bring hope to the life of a child who needs you for a champion?


Child Champions bring hope to the lives of children
Wouldn't changing the life and future of a child be one of the best things you could ever do? Well, that's exactly what happens when you sponsor a child and become a Child Champion.

A champion is an ardent defender or supporter of another person. By becoming a Child Champion, your monthly gift of $35.00 will impact the life of a child forever – providing the basic necessities that every child deserves:

• Education
• Quality medical care and treatment
• School supplies
• Snacks
• Nutritious meals

In order to give a child these basic necessities FTC Canada is challenging you to become a Child Champion.

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