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Abandoned Baby Centre      

Millions of African babies are being deserted.
The Frances Jones Abandoned Baby Centre opened in August 2001 in response to a horrific problem. Every day, babies are abandoned in Kenya, their parents lost to epidemics, famine, violence, and poverty. Many of these babies have been abandoned because of the AIDS pandemic that has killed up to 700 people a day in Kenya. Due to these circumstances, desperately poor and sick mothers are abandoning their infants.

A gift of just $12 a month will feed and care for an abandoned baby. ABC Angels are providing:
• A safe loving home
• Quality medical care and treatment
• A nutritious diet
• Stimulating activities
• Placement and adoption
• Case management services
• Hospice care for terminally ill babies

Babies are being left in hospitals, at police stations, on garbage piles, and in fields.
The agony that accompanies pneumonia, tuberculosis, AIDS, and malnutrition is staggering. Babies are brought to us barely alive, and they come with nothing – no names, not even birthdays.

The Abandoned Baby Centre, an innovative five acre facility on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, has a medical centre, playrooms, and special care cottages to help abandoned babies recover, grow, and thrive.

When a baby first arrives at the ABC, they are bathed and immediately examined by the medical team. Some require immediate and dramatic medical intervention, and most of the babies receive an intense feeding schedule of high-protein infant formula given every three hours.

Because of caring friends who have become ABC Angels, there is hope. As an ABC Angel, your monthly gift will provide a wonderful home where these babies can heal and grow.

Our Abandoned Baby Centre is much more than a children's home. It is a lifesaving haven!

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