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Feeding hungry children in Canada
and around the world

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Our Partners
It is a part of our mission.
“IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CARING CANADAIANS” is what it says. It’s how we respond to the needs of hungry children. We take seriously our major program of distributing food to families in need. Working closely with caring corporate partners who donate surplus food and supplies. Follow this link to learn more.
Canadian Partners
Individuals, organizations and corporations across Canada.
FTC Canada International Partners            
Working to benefit children around the world.
We encourage you to visit our partners to learn more about their work in other parts of the world. These essential partnerships provide a unique opportunity to impact not only a child's life but the lives of their families and their communities. Partnering is a way to have a global impact.
Mission of Hope Haiti
The Mission of Hope touches thousands of lives daily in Haiti. People face a grim reality including a shortage of food.
Mission in Action (Nyota Home)
Mission in Action needs your support. Helping children in Kenya is helping those in desperate need.

Through the generosity of our committed partners, FTC Canada is able to deliver

FTC Canada partners with over 80 distribution partners across Canada.

much needed provisions to children and their families every day of the year.

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World Mission Outreach
Imagine working in a dump, with no shoes ... everyday. This is the life some children live in order to survive.
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