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Feeding hungry children in Canada
and around the world
 Give generously!

FTC Canada and its affiliates distribute more than 135 million pounds of food, in 32 countries around the world. Since 1979, we have fed hungry children in 118 countries
Through Feed-A-Child, caring friends of FTC Canada, called World Partners, are literally saving lives. As a World Partner, your minimum monthly gift of $10.00 will help us Feed-A-Child.
Because of our more than 25 years of experience, you can:
• Send help and hope to children in countries around the world
• Provide quality medical care and treatment
• Rest assured that our efficient program helps the greatest number of children
• Give support to many international feeding centres

All World Partner's will receive:
• Updates in regard to new developments in our efforts to distribute food to hungry boys and girls around the world
• A photo of the children whose lives have been changed because of World Partners
• The knowledge that hope and a better future is being brought to millions of children
Let's give children what every child deserves – the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong. You can be a part of the solution! Take a stand against world hunger today – help us Feed-A-Child!

Feeding hungry children in Canada and around the world
Take a good look into the eyes of hungry children and you will see children with real hopes, real fears, and a very real need to eat. It doesn't matter where they live. All that matters is that they need someone to change their world.

Millions of people around the world are in desperate need. Poverty, death, disease, and disasters wreak havoc in their lives. Little children are the ones who suffer the most from these problems, and they are the ones most desperately in need of your help. Changing their world is easier than you think.

Amazingly, thousands of these children are receiving a nourishing meal at a cost of just pennies a day, through our Feed-A-Child program.

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