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Feeding hungry children in Canada
and around the world
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Our pledge to you is to be effective in our outreach to those in need by being good stewards of the funds entrusted to us. Donated funds will be dedicated to programs that fulfill our objectives for reaching children in need in a manner that will ensure that Canadian government guidelines are met.

FTC Canada focuses on good stewardship, transparency, and integrity.

The financial statements of FTC Canada are audited annually by McClurkin Ahier & Company, Chartered Accountants. A copy of the audited statements is available upon request.

FTC Canada is a Canadian registered charity (No. 868869108RR0001). Official receipts for tax purposes are issued for all donations.

Board of Directors
The organization is incorporated under the name FTC Canada Federation In Canada, and is governed by a board of directors, all of whom must adhere to our mission statement, goals and objectives.

(Canada Revenue Agency website is www.cra.gc.ca)


Who We Are
FTC Canada is a Christian, international non-profit relief organization affiliated with Feed The Children USA.

Our Mission Statement
FTC Canada, in partnership with caring Canadians, responds to the needs of children and their families, in Canada and around the world, by providing food, medicine, education and other essentials with Christian love, compassion and integrity.

What We Do
We feed the children. FTC Canada has experienced incredible growth since commencing operations in 2004. Revenue has increased 397% over the past three years. Over $9.0 million in gifts-in-kind have been distributed globally. Over $3.1 million in food and supplies have been distributed throughout Canada.

2008 Highlights
● Over $9 million in gifts-in-kind distributed globally
● Hundreds of family food boxes distributed in Ontario
● Over 3.1 million in food & supplies to over 83 partner agencies in Canada
● Over $700,000 of food and supplies shipped to First Nation reserves in Canada
● 4000 people in Guatemala treated by Canadian medical-dental team
● A well built in Potrero Grande, Guatemala helps over 150 families
● Over 20 latrines built in three Kenyan schools
● First Nations camp (Mish Adventures) attendance tripled in second year of operation

FTC Canada and International Affiliates:
● 60,000 school children in Kenya were treated for de-worming
● Deworming globally involved more than 11 million doses of medicine
● Feeding Centres in more than 50 countries around the world
● 676,000 pairs of shoes sent to children in Darfur
● Since 1979, our affiliate, Feed The Children, U.S. has been feeding hungry children in 118 countries

Through the generosity of our committed partners FTC Canada is able to deliver much needed provisions to children and their families every day of the year.

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