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Thank you for choosing to support the FTC Canada Medical-Dental Teams.  
In April 2009 a team traveled to El Salvador. You can learn more about that trip and see photos of the team in action. Click here to connect to our Medical-Dental Team 2008-09 blog.
We seek your continued support for future teams, medicines and vitamins for medical clinics, food distribution and for shipping containers full of lives saving essentials for Central America.
Over the past 2 years, donors have contributed to everything from wells and school supplies, to food and shoes. They have also contributed to the travel costs of individual team members.
Please use the buttons below the banner to make your donation now.
We need your financial support for the following:
Medicines & Vitamins: $10,000
Food & Supplies for distribution: $5,000
In Country Transportation: $1,000
Local Support Personnel: $3,000

We have started a new blog for all future medical-dental teams. Please click here to connect to the FTC Canada Corporate Blog.


one+one=health care
From the poorest squatter homes of San Pedro Sula, Honduras to the slums of San Salvador, El Salvador, teams of medical and dental professionals and support staff have partnered with Feed The Children Central American staff to bring primary health services to children and families desperate for care.

Our goal through this ongoing program is to develop long-term relationships with health care professionals in Central America. Through the mentoring of local medical and dental professionals, we create an immediate impact through team-based medical and dental clinics. A sustained impact is created through the education that is delivered. This will provide for ongoing medical and dental treatment in local communities. For those who attend the clinics, they experience improved self-care and a healthier existence.

February 2010 Medical-Dental Team
Destination: San Salvador, El Salvador, CA
Project: 5 days of medical-dental clinics and food distribution in 5 different locations around the city.
Date: February 13 - 21, 2010
Team: A team of 30 Canadians will join forces with FTC El Salvador and medical-dental professionals in the region.

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