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Feeding hungry children in Canada
and around the world
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We are honoured to have so many corporations, groups and organizations, large and small, partnering with us in very significant ways. There are also a number of agency partners that we work with on an ongoing basis who ensure food gets to the children who need it most.  

Impacting Global Initiatives
Install a well in a community without drinkable water

Producing Significant Results
Purchase medicine and vitamins for FTC medical-dental teams

Developing Innovative Opportunities
Provide food for 15 families in a community for 1 month

Building Solid Foundations
Feed 120 children overseas for 1 month

Global Partners
Global Partners are making a difference in the lives of children around the world; global initiatives with impact.
Producing Partners
We value those determined to see results in a needy child's life; in the life of a family and in an entire community.
Developing Partners
Innovation is at the heart of a project designed to make the world a better place for a desperate family. Our partners develop innovative opportunities to bring hope to children in need.
Building Partners
FTC Canada is always building for tomorrow; giving a child a reason to hope. Our Building Partners create a solid foundation for everything else we do. When a solid base is created, we have a place to grow and children can be healed and sustained.
Please call Cliff at 1-877-382-2262, x235 or email if you, your company or your organization would like to become an FTC Canada partner.
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