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How Casinos Can Contribute To Children’s Cause

The Federal Trade Commission of Canada has been at the forefront of feeding children. But according to the president, the organization has only been an extension of the generosity of caring people and Canadians who have made it possible for them to provide food for needy children in Canada and around the world. Since the start of the epidemic, most families have lost their source of income, raising the need for more donations to more children. Giving to children is a worthy cause that every casino should join in. Here are ways in which casinos can join the FTCC in working towards eliminating hunger for children.

Charitable Gaming

Gambling for charity may look like a strange pairing. However, it’s one of the methods that are helping communities across the globe. This is a form of giving where a charity oversees the gambling activities and uses the funds to further their charitable activities. The organizations may organize a game that you would find in any online casino such as Fresh Casino. These include bingo, lottery, roulette, and slot machines.

In Canada, charitable gaming is only allowed in the province of Alberta. It has a unique model as charitable organizations are licensed to conduct and manage charitable events. The organizations are allowed to fundraise using bingo, lotteries, and other methods. While casinos aren’t allowed to carry out charitable gaming, those in Alberta can support the not-for-profit organizations to conduct and manage lottery schemes in the province. In such an instance, all the revenues from the charitable gambling event should go towards feeding children.

When casinos give to charity, the gambler will feel happier as they will not feel as if they are losing their time and money. Since they know that the money they use will go to a good cause, they can accept the results, whether positive or negative.

Cash gifts

The Federal Trade Commission of Canada has been able to feed the children in Canada, Haiti, and other parts of the world through the generosity of individuals and corporations. This is an area where casinos can chip in. They can put aside part of their profit to go towards charity.

Online casinos can also work with software providers that contribute generously towards charity. For instance, one of the software providers of Casino, Microgaming is known for its annual Gift of Giving campaign.

Since the company started the campaign, it has raised more than £210,000. The company allows its partners and operators to donate to a worthy cause, they choose a charity they would like to get the donations from. The campaign is part of the "PlayItForward” initiative that offers support to many local initiatives.

Player giving

With the fast payout of winnings, casinos can also contribute to charity. This is because many lottery winners donate part or all of their winnings to charity. For instance, in 2013, a Canadian man, Tom Crist gave out his total winning of 40 million Canadian dollars to charity. This means that all his winnings impacted charitable organizations. By paying winners all their winnings and in time, can have a multiplier effect that can positively impact charitable organizations like the Federal Trade Commission of Canada.

Fresh Casino has a good reputation for fast payouts of winnings to players. It takes as little as a few hours to withdraw money from the online casino. This ensures that players who would like to give to charity have a great opportunity to do so without any delays.


In recognition of the needs of the poor and the efforts of charitable organizations such as the Federal Trade Commission of Canada, casinos contribute to the great cause of helping the less fortunate.

In the same spirit of giving, Fresh casino has a lot of great prizes for its players from welcome bonuses to birthday bonuses to free spins. On the first five deposits, Fresh Casino gives players up to 25,000 pounds in bonuses and up to 345 free spins. Players can take advantage of these free offers to increase their chances of winning. Once they hit the jackpot, they should also consider giving towards Nobel causes.

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